Hi there. Nice To Meet You! My Name is Simon Loi and I’m glad that you are taking the time to learn more about me.
I have a question for you…
Have you ever worried about your financial future and how you will spend your retirement years?
If You have, please read every word on this page because I want to let you know that you don’t have to spend your life worrying about how you will take care of yourself during one of the most unsettling periods of your life. This is a time where you should be enjoying your life to the fullest, but money worries loom around the corner if you haven’t planned a secondary income.

I realized we wouldn’t have enough money to retire.

I am at the age that is near retirement and looking at what we have in savings, we realised 
that we do not have sufficient resources to retire and live the life that we would like to live. 

In my earlier years, I was a school dropout and just carry on along life, working on whatever 
that is available to me.
Eventually, before I went to do my National Service in Singapore as 
military service is compulsory for all Singapore male citizens, I realised that education was 
important to help me get along in life.

So, after I completed my two years of military service, I decided that I will work hard to 
continue my education.
I was fortunate in that while I was a school dropout, my skills in 
typing and computer that I picked up during my military serivce landed me a job as a telex 
operator with a well know British bank. I started as a telex operator and did part time study 
for my banking diploma. Eventually, I managed to complete my certificate in banking and 
moved on to enroll in part time undergraduate study with Curtin University in Australia.

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management) after studying 
part time and working full time. After I obtained my degree, I moved on to do my post 
graduate study and got my Master in Business (Information Technology).
I have been an 
ardent fan of studying and I continued to take courses to improve myself.

Also, back in 2002,when I realised that there is a possiblity that I might not be able to continue
 in my job for long as the company was restructuring and I noticed that a number of my 
colleagues were made redundant. I started to explore starting a small business and bought 
computer franchise business. It was hard work and time consuming as I was doing it part time
 while still holding a job.
Subsequently, I sold the business at a loss. It was the start of my journey of becoming a 
business owner. I started to learn more about running business and working as my own boss.

In 2003, the time came when I was made redundant and as I struggled to find a job, I decided 
that I would explore further afield to find work or start something new. At that time, my brother
 in law was staying in New Zealand and I decided that it might be a good place to move to.
We applied for residency and was surprised that we were granted residency in a short period 
of six months. I was given 12 months to move to New Zealand and it was a trying time for the 
Our son was just completing his high school but we felt that the opportunity would help
 us rebuild our future and our retirements. 

So, in late 2003, I moved on my own to New Zealand and lived with my brother in law. I started a small computer home business with a friend’s help but it was a struggle. Eventually, I realised that I had to go get a J.O>B> in order to make ends meet.

Whle I was working, I have continued to learn more about business and got involved in online business opportunities that I met Pete Chapman.
Pete was instrumental in helping me along my journey online and in 2012, Pete introduced me to Kangen.

Diagnosed with Diabetes was a Blessing in Disguise?

Initially, I was skeptical but at the same time, I was dianosed with Type 2 diabetes and that my doctor insisted that I have to go on medication to manage my diabetes. Pete suggested that I tried Enagic alkaline water and I struggled to put together the funds for the initial deposits. The alkaline water helped me in my diabetes and about 18 months later, my doctor said that my diabetes were under control and that whileI should continue with my medication, my medication was reduced to a third of what I was taking.

Pete also helped me to set up my www.kangenwellnz.com website where I get enquiries and prospects looking for Enagic or Kangen water. It has been quietly and slowly building the business to where I am now a 5A in the period of 6 years.