Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

To build a network marketing business, these 3 network marketing recruiting tips are the best strategies.

 When I first began to get involved in network marketing, I had no idea on how to use the internet to build my business and my team.  I thought chasing friends and families was necessary to help me build the business.  After all, they are my warm markets.  Eventually, I found out some of these strategies and began using them and they remain with me years later.

What is Recruiting for Network Marketing

To get paid in Network Marketing, you will need to be able to recruit people into your business.  That is the beginning of your money and not the end.  Firstly, you will need to attract prospects that are interested in your business.  Then, you will need to convert them into sales.  This is how the recruiting process works.

Attracting prospects and converting them into sales.

These are my 3 main network marketing recruiting techniques.

My 3 Network Marketing Recruiting Techniques

1.        A Branded Blog

This is the first and number 1 part as it is the best strategy for building a network marketing business.  A blog helps to create content and develop organic traffic by attracting prospects into you prospecting funnel.

What can you share with prospective marketing business owners that will attract them to you?

Blogging is a way that you can build a following of loyal fans by providing valuable contents to help and teach them how to succeed in their business. Previously, I have used my company website and products but as I soon realised that is not building me but the company.  I leant that people are attracted to other people and not the company.

I offer a FREE REPORT to interested prospects on my website and as they subscribe to my FREE REPORT, they are receiving information by email on how I build my business and how they can use the same strategies and techniques to build their own business. They also begin to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST me as someone that has valuable information to help them along with their business.

Blogs are used by the best bloggers as a marketing platform to promote their ads.  Elite Marketing Pro and Ray Hidgon are just two examples of using blogs to host ads.  Both Elite Marketing Pro and Ray Hidgon are sites that I would recommend for the best internet marketing training.

How to set up a blog?

Well, it is not that difficult.  You just purchase a domain name that you like and preferably one that have your name so that you can brand yourself like  You then have the domain hosted and there are numerous hosting company out there.  Most hosting company would be able to provide and host a WordPress theme as it is one of the common feature of hosting company.  Or, if you are struggling with some of the challenges like I did, you could get a web expert to help you with that.  Get in touch with me, if you need help in finding a hosting company or if you would like a web expert to help you.  A web expert can also help you to put together your website and create a funnel system for you.  Some of the tasks may seemed daunting and there are plenty of help available to assist you.  Just reach out and find them.  Let me know if you need help and we can point you in the right directions.

2.       A Facebook Page – Standing Out From the Crowd

For a long time, I struggle with creating a facebook page and using facebook page for my marketing.  I noticed that there are many Network Marketers posting offers on their personal pages and timeline.  This is NOT a good practice.  You would want to appear as a business person and keep your personal page and your business separate.  In the past, one of the key recruiting techniques of network marketing was to make friends with other network marketers and then pitch them with your business opportunities.  Recently, Facebook have frowned on people doing that and those who pitch their ‘7 figures income by clicking a link’ are losing credibility with people and even losing their Facebook accounts.

These days, top network marketers are using their Facebook pages to llink to their blogs and even advertising on Facebook to a blog post.

Setting up a Facebook account is quite easy.  There are FACEBOOK SHOW YOU HOW HERE articles showing you how to do it.  Depending on what your strategy are, you can set up a page for your product or services as a public image and brand yourself as a Network Marketing expert in that niche.  The trick is to be active in sharing photos, videos and contents from you blog every day so that others can see value in your post and Facebook recognise it as a legitimate business page.  You will also need to have Facebook ‘likes’ and here is where you can ask your personal profile friends to ‘like’ your page.  It also helps to share your page with your email list and that is the topic for the next section.  So, by filling your Facebook page with your blog posts, you will start to accumulate fans to your Facebook page and this is the start of your organic strategies.  There is an excellent training available on social networking using Facebook here that you can check out.  GETTING RAVING FANS FOR YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS

3.       Email Marketing – Creating and Monetising a List

You must have heard of the phrase The Money is in the List or The Money is in the relationship with your List.  I have various lists that have over 2,000 people looking for products or network marketing solutions.  I have over time reduced this list from a much bigger figure because I want to have an engaging list but regardless my list gets added with people every single day.

Throughout my website, there are ways where I get people to subscribe for my FREE REPORT to get information about general network marketing strategies or my products and business.  My wordpress blogs is linked to my email marketing autoresponder service so that it allows me to market my network marketing business across the world and I can develop leaders and partners in other countries. 

Using aweber as my email marketing strategies, I can share my experiences on how to use email marketing to build my list every day.  There are other also other choices of autoresponder services in the marketplace like MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.   With aweber email marketing strategies, I can easily automate daily emails to my subscribers to receive them even while I am enjoying a holiday with my family or out having a quiet dinner with friends and families.  Also, with email marketing, you can broadcast an email anytime broadcasting about special events or offers.  You can even schedule them to be send at a convenient time.  Email marketing also allows you to prepare a broadcast to be schedule so that it can be send out at some convenient time in the future.  The email broadcast can even be scheduled to be send even when you are asleep.

When you have setup your email marketing program, you can even add it to your blog or
Facebook page.  Email marketing strategy also allows you to add other offers or send a FREE REPORT to your subscribers.   This all help you in building your list of prospects every single day . 

Very soon, you will be recruiting plenty of people and you will be wondering why you did not start on this a long time ago.

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