Meet Simon

My name is Simon Loi and I am part of a global team that is Building Dreams Together. Our team have a passion for business and helping people to transform their health and wealth. We are a team that helps the average people that comes from humble background and may be already a little mature but it’s never too late to build our dreams together.

A little about Me

I have spent the last few years involved in the Direct Sales Industry even though I do not any experiences or background in Sales or Marketing.

I did not enjoyed the school system so I ended up as a school dropout and ended up working in a factory environment before spending two years serving my county in military service as was required to do in my country. While in the military, I learnt basic survival skills and realised that you do need a qualification or an education further yourself.

So, after completing my military service, I began to search for work and at the same time, got back into night classes and earn both my basic and master degree. With the further education, I was able to secure better paying and more rewarding jobs in my career.

However, in spite of the rewarding jobs that I had, my health was not at it’s best and in 2012, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I shared with my friend, Pete Chapman about my health and he introduced me to a product that was life changing for me.