Meet Simon

My name is Simon Loi and I am
part of a global team that is
passionate about what we do 
and we help others to achieve 
their  goals and dreams.  We 
are average people from humble 
background and may be already a 
little mature but it's never 
too late to achieve our dreams.

A little about Me

I have spent the last few years involved in the Direct Sales Industry even though I do not have any experiences or background in Sales or Marketing.

When I was younger, I did not enjoyed the school system so I ended up as a school dropout and ended up working in a factory environment before spending two years serving my country’s military service as was required to do so by law. While in the military, I learnt basic survival skills and realised that you do need a qualification or an education to further yourself.

So, after completing my military service, I began to search for work and at the same time, got back into night classes and earn both my basic and master degree. With the further education, I was able to secure better paying and more rewarding jobs in my career.

However, in spite of the rewarding jobs that I had, my health was not at it’s best and in 2012, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I shared with my friend, Pete Chapman about my health and he introduced me to a product that was life changing for me.

The product has helped me to maintain my health and my friend also showed me how to generate leads and sales into the business.

However, in the last few years, there have been a change in the company’s policies and we were not allowed to have our own blog or personal website and so I have decided to change the ways I promote the business.

These days, I am involved in another program that my friend, Pete have introduced me to and it is generating regular leads that I can then invite to participate in my health and wealth program.

If you would like to know more about what I do and how I am getting my leads, subscribe to my newsletter here and I will share with you and also work with you to find achieve your goals and dreams.

To your success,